Art of Michael Tolleson


Welcome to Art of Michael Tolleson

I have Aspergers, which accounts for my ability to paint proficiently and effectively without formal training. June 2013 marked 2 years of me actively painting and of 350 gallery worthy paintings being created (no mistakes including my first painting). My first 5 paintings were displayed and sold in art galleries in 3 states. With each new painting, I continue to evolve, develop my own style and progress because of an aptitude that I attribute to my Aspergers. While I can paint as an artistic savant, I have other deficits such as face blindness (inability to remember faces if they are “out of location context” or if clothing or hairstyle has significantly changed). I can do complex math in my head, but cannot fill out forms, reports, schedules, or balance a checkbook. Aspergers has its pluses and minuses... Oh and I have the tendency to be very, very, very verbal (I talk a lot).

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