Art of Michael Tolleson

Recent Work

Signed Limited Edition Giclee prints available for all paintings. Contact us for details.

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 Brothers  The Love Of A Mother
 Please See Me  Sanctuary
A Soul That Thirsts For More   My Mama Used To Dance For The Money They'd Throw
One In A Million   Gypsy
Romance In The Night   Through The Curtain
 Azul Caliente  Everything He Was Before, Had Color
Flamenco On Fire   Baubles, Bangles And Beads
He That Cannot Be   Departure Of The Snow Bird
I Know Not, Am I My Brother's Keeper   Walking Out On Myself
Too Blind To See   Fantasy
 Brush With Death  The One You Feed
 He Was Afraid To Fly  The Darkness
 Work Out Your Own Salvation  They Just Lie On The Floor Till We Sweep Them Away
Traveling The Divide   Taught How To Fly
No One Calls   Bodhi (Enlightenment)
Maybe I Am One   The Reluctant Traveler
 What A Guy Outta Do  Phoenix
A World In Flux   All Eyes On Us
Finally   Spring Dreams
Arrivederci   And At Night, Angels And Demons Lay Down Their Hears
Man Plows, Time Levels   Heaven Or Hell
The Last Straw  Pride & Prejudice 
Living The Blues   Why Must I Be Here Again
 End Of The Ride  Midnight Scout
I Am Invisible   The Dream
 Birds Eye View  They Called It Home
Champion   Frolic
That Which Consumes Us   Our Tree Lined Street
 A Home No More  She Left The Light On For Him
Spring At Last   Six Of One...
Snow Ballet   If A Tree Falls...
Then, Take The First Right   INVISIBLE
A Vacation From Ourselves   Walking On The Edge
Unconditional Love   Those Who Are Forgotten
 Midnight Oasis  Cry For Help
 Cool Reason Five Is Enough 
 A Place All My Own  Home At Last
 Path To Eternity Long Departed 
 At Peace Among The Hungry Ghosts  With All Of Her Friends
 Stranger In A Strange Land
 Pour Ma Chère Amie Amra

Today Everything Came At Me
 The Nanny
 Today I Am More  Alone Together
 Set Me Free  Sharing A Moment
It Will Never Be The Same Again
The Unending
A Moment Of Magic   Child Of The Moon
 Together We Can Brave The Storm  Sequestered
End Of The Century
 The Lonely Walk Home
 Greener Pastures  Whispers

Grazing In The Grass
 Taking It In
On The Outside Looking In  No Passage
Autumn's Last Hurrah  Sunset Stampede
 Done With Dallas  Hawaii Five-0
 The Visitor  Perfect Storm
Horse Spirit The Colors Of Sunrise
 Purple Mile Merci Island Stroll