Art of Michael Tolleson

Artwork No Longer Available

Signed Limited Edition Giclee prints available for all paintings. Contact us for details.

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 Autumn Forest  With Her Beauty, She Deprives Of Reason
 Enchanted Leaving The Past Behind 
From Cradle To Stardom   Odd Man Out
 Forgotten  Reflections
 Caribbean Breeze  Wine, Women, and Houston!
 One With Nature A Day All Their Own 
 Shadow Walking  Outcast
Can't See The Forest
A Rite Of Passage
 Autumn Stroll
Stormy Weather Revelation
Magnificent Seven
 Winter's Run
Stand Off
 Autumn Fire
Spirit Of Freedom Painted Desert
Samana They Got Hitched In A Foreign Land
Pole Dance Panic
 Stampede  Sunrise Herd
Sunset Herd
 A Cowboy Dream
 Midnight Stroll  A Mother's Love
 Loved From Afar  Snow Herd
 Torch Singer  The Blue Bayou
 Widow's Walk  Tuscany
 Egrets, I've Had A Few  Pilgrimage
Everything Fades But You Tree's Company
Road Trip The Walk Home
 On the Wings of Faith  Orange Umbrella
 Urban Stroll  White Lotus
 Central Park  Yellow Slicker
 Purple Rain On the Way to the Louvre
 Beach 'Brella Banter  On A Night Like This
Downtown Audrey
 Stroll Of The Enlightened  Menage A Brella
 Seattle Style  Color of the Cascades
 Inlet  Seattle Evening Stroll
Seattle Up Close
 Impressions Of Seattle
 Stormy Seattle  Looking Down On Seattle
 Seattle Bigger Than Life  The World Left Behind
 Kotten an der Ruhr  A Tuscan Road
 Living A Life With No Egrets  My Journey Was Lined With Bluebonnets
Out For A Dip
 Up Late
A Texas Home Divided (left)
 A Texas Home Divided (right)
 Meet the Neighbors  Life Is A Beach
Memoirs Of A Geisha
it's Always Home
 Catching My Breath  Hiking To The Heavens
 By the Light of the Lunar Gods Cool, Dark and Hard
 Awakening  Tree Amigo
 Helios Ascending