Art of Michael Tolleson


All of these Giclée prints are available (we can ship today worldwide!).

The Giclée prints are printed on archival quality papers with archival quality pigments. They are limited editions of 500, hand numbered and signed by Michael Tolleson.

Approximate size: Small: 13" x 20", and Large 20" x 30"

Pricing: $200 USD for small and $375 USD for large. Shipping is additional from Washington State in shipping tube. All transactions can be done over the phone or through Paypal.

Please contact us through the contact page of this website.


(click to enlarge and see painting details)

 A Fork In The Road A Lonely Lantern
 A Pilgrims Journey A Solstice Blanket
 A Texas Home Divided (left) A Texas Home Divided (right)
 Afternoon Delight Audrey
Beacon Above the Middle Sea
By the Light of the Lunar Gods
 Carnal Sins Checkpoint
 Color of the Cascades Contemplating Pioneer Square
 Crossing the Serengeti Defeated
 Don't Kill The Messenger  Emergence
 Escape Through the Baobabs Flowers For One
 Heaven How Wonderous This, How Mysterious, I Carry Fuel, I Fetch Water
 I'm Outta Here  In A World OF Billions
 Inlet  Man Fails, Nature Prevails
 Meet the Neighbors  Meltdown
 My Husbands Voice  My Impressions of Autumn
 No Escape  Nobody
 On A Night Like This  On the Way to the Louvre
 On the Wings of Faith  Orange Umbrella
Outta Sight
 Paralized By Fear  Purple Rain
Red Badge Of Cowardice
 Running Bear
 Seattle Bigger Than Life  Stampede
 The Epoch Of Peach  The Exam
 The Fire Within The Gathering
 The Journey  The Prior Had a Bad Habit
The Steps Of Life The Thirst
Transformation of the Ascension
White Lotus
Winter Blues With A Heart That Beats For No One
 Wrong Planet  Yellow Slicker
You Reap What You Sow