Art of Michael Tolleson


Works Published in "Been There, Done That, Try This!"

"Been There, Done That, Try This!" is due out later this year. Each piece illustrates an Asperger's stress point (click to enlarge and see painting details).

Signed Limited Edition Giclee prints available for all paintings. Contact us for details.

In A World OF Billions

Faking It

The Fire Within

Living With Sensory Issues

Red Badge Of Cowardice


The Exam

Should I Be Tested For Aspergers?

The Gathering

Making and Keeping Friends

Fork In The Road

Choosing a Career

Paralized By Fear


No Escape




Don't Kill The Messenger

Disclosing a Diagnosis

Flowers For One

Expressing Emotions

With A Heart That Beats For No One

Understanding Intimacy, Dating, Sex and Marriage

Wrong Planet

Self Esteem/ Self Identity

The Thirst

Getting and Keeping a Job